Ankita Joshi

“Zero Gravity – “Nothing holds us down”. This is the story of Ankita’s life where the binds that tied her down, loosened and made way to a dimension beyond her imagination, one that lead to the place where gravity does not exist. Though Zero Gravity does not mean an absence of gravity but is the result of overcoming it due to certain forces of the earth’s orbit.

Ankita Joshi is a resident of our great metropolis Mumbai. She is an avid artist since childhood, encouraged by her parents who saw her potential by enrolling her in art classes where she excelled as a child artist. Having won 3 Inter college national awards at N.I.D. for photography (2007) and also an International Nomination from IAA (International Advertising Association) Dubai (2007). She was invited by IBDAA to display her work. She has also been nominated for CAG Award.

Now, to push this to another level Ankita took a Zero Gravity flight. Where she was in a state of weightlessness and painted a series of specially conceptualize paintings on the theory of Zero Gravity while she was inside the flight!

Ankita Joshi Zero Gravity Paintings Video

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